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51EW/25.5/Very Deep/6.9/Good balance: high register~dark tone

52EW/25.8/Deep/7.1/Music for wide


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Euphonium Mouthpiece Heavy series

  • As a result of many years of research with the musicians, we have conducted various research with the musicians as a concept of development to achieve the maximum musical expression when the brass musicians are played. We have succeeded in digging the hardness and metal crystal grains that we have to the micro level, and to the best metal state to play it. Please try it out with your own hands, as everyone will be able to bring out the maximum musical expression with minimum effort. I think that you can feel the feeling of wind performance that you have never met before.



    Silver plating 31,000 yen

    Inner gold 43,000 yen

    Gold plating 46,000 yen




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