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30C/17.2/Shallow/4.0/Popular with beginners; general all-around playing


30CW/17.2/Shallow/4.0/30C wide rim


30D/17.2/Deep/4.2/Good balance between high register and dark tone


30DW/17.2/Deep/4.2/30D wide-rim


30E/17.2/Very Deep/4.4/For Vienna Horn


31BW/17.3/Shallow/3.9/V-cup with wide rim


31C/17.3/Medium/4.2/Larger cup volume


31CW/17.3/Medium/4.2/31C wide rim


31V/17.3/Medium/4.3/V-cup, slightly shallower than 31D


31VW/17.3/Medium/4.3/31V wide-rim


31D/17.3/Deep/4.3/Good balance between high register and dark tone


31DW/17.3/Deep/4.3/31D wide-rim


32C/17.5/Shallow/4.2/V-cup, slightly deeper than 31BW


32CW/17.5/Shallow/4.2/32C wide-rim


32CX/17.5/Medium/4.3/V-cup, middle of 32C and 32D


32CXW/17.5/Medium/4.3/32CX wide rim


32D/17.5/Very Deep/4.3/V-cup, deeper than 31C


32DW/17.5/Very Deep/4.3 32D wide rim


33C/17.8 Shallow 4.2/Comparable to 32C


33CW/17.8/Shallow/4.2/33C wide rim


33CX/17.8/Medium/4.2/Comparable to 32CX


33CXW/17.8/Medium/4.2/33CX wide rim


33D/17.8/Very Deep/4.2/Comparable to 32D


33DW/17.8/Very Deep/4.2 33D wide rim




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Horn Mouthpiece

  • Beginning with the concept of creating a product that satisfies all the requirements for brass players to realize their maximum expression in performance, Momo, after years of collaborative research with performers and the micro-level investigation of the hardness and crystallization of metals, has succeeded in creating the optimum metalliferous state to realize such expression.

    Our mouthpieces can help you to discover a new level of musical performance and ease of playing. Please give them a try.

    The sound gains a core; response and release are excellent

    Smooth airflow; clear tone Easier lip slurs and control Broad dynamic range from ppp to fff; easier musical expression




    All Silver 26,400 yen

    Rim and Inner Gold 35,200 yen

    All Gold 37,400 yen