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6A/15.5/Shallow/3.65/For Lead, Commercial


7A/16.0/Shallow/3.65/For Lead, Commercial


11C/16.2/Medium/3.65/Popular with beginners; general all-around playing


13A/16.5/Shallow/3.65/For Piccolo Trumpet, Lead


13C/16.5/Medium/3.72/For general all-around playing


14A/16.68/Shallow/3.72/For Piccolo Trumpet, Lead


14B/16.8/Mid-Shallow/3.72/Popular with beginners


14BM/16.8/Mid-Shallow/3.72/14B Medium weight


14BL/16.8/Mid-Shallow/3.72/14B Light weight


14C/16.88/Medium/3.72/For general all-around playing


15E/16.8/Very Deep/3.88/For Rotary Trumpet (Light type)


15ED/16.8/Very Deep/3.88/For Rotary Trumpet


16C/17.0/Medium/3.72/For orchestral, concert band


16CB/17.0/Medium/3.72/For orchestral, concert band; Like standard Bach backbore


16C5/17.0/Medium/3.8/For orchestral, concert band 16CM/17.0/Medium/3.72/16C/Medium weight


16CL/17.0/Medium/3.72/16C Light weight,; for solo work


16ED/17.0/Very Deep/3.88/For Rotary Trumpet


17C/17.14/Medium/3.72/For orchestral, concert band


17CM/17.14/Medium/3.72/17C Medium weight


17CL/17.14/Medium/3.72/ 17C Light weight


17D/17.14/Very Deep/3.72/Large cup volume; very deep tone


Long Cornet



16D/17.06/Very Deep/3.88/ 16C rim with a deep cup


Short Cornet



14E/16.68/Very Deep/3.88/Good balance between high register and dark tone


16D/17.06/Deep/3.8/16C rim with a deep cup

Flugel Horn



14F/16.68/Deep/3.88/For all-around playing


16F/17,06/Deep3.88/Balanced, resonant tone


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Trumpet Mouthpiece Standard series

  • Beginning with the concept of creating a product that satisfies all the requirements for brass players to realize their maximum expression in performance, Momo, after years of collaborative research with performers and the micro-level investigation of the hardness and crystallization of metals, has succeeded in creating the optimum metalliferous state to realize such expression.

    Our mouthpieces can help you to discover a new level of musical performance and ease of playing. Please give them a try.

    The sound gains a core; response and release are excellent

    Smooth airflow; clear tone Easier lip slurs and control Broad dynamic range from ppp to fff; easier musical expression


    Trumpet Mouthpiece

    All Silver 24,200 yen

    Rim and Inner Gold 33,000 yen

    All Gold 36,300 yen


    Short Cornet Mouthpiece

    All Silver 26,400 yen

    Rim and Inner Gold 35,200 yen

    All Gold 37,400 yen


    Long Cornet Mouthpiece

    All Silver 25,300 yen

    Rim and Inner Gold 34,100 yen

    All Gold 36,300 yen


    Flugelhorn Mouthpiece

    All Silver 25,300 yen

    Rim and Inner Gold 34,100 yen

    Gold plated 36,300 yen