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6A/15.5/Shallow/3.65/For Lead, Commercial


7A/16.0/Shallow/3.65/For Lead, Commercial


11C/16.2/Medium/3.65/Popular with beginners; general all-around playing


13A/16.5/Shallow/3.65/For Piccolo Trumpet, Lead


13C/16.5/Medium/3.72/For general all-around playing


14A/16.68/Shallow/3.72/For Piccolo Trumpet, Lead


14B/16.8/Mid-Shallow/3.72/Popular with beginners


14C/16.88/Medium/3.72/For general all-around playing


15E/16.8/Very Deep/3.88/For Rotary Trumpet (Light type)


16C/17.0/Medium/3.72/For orchestral, concert band


16CB/17.0/Medium/3.72/For orchestral, concert band; Like standard Bach backbore


16C5/17.0/Medium/3.8/For orchestral, concert band


16ED/17.0/Very Deep/3.88/For Rotary Trumpet


17C/17.14/Medium/3.72/For orchestral, concert band


17CM/17.14/Medium/3.72/17C Medium weight


17CL/17.14/Medium/3.72/ 17C Light weight


17D/17.14/Very Deep/3.72/Large cup volume; very deep tone




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Trumpet Mouthpiece VL series

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  • Trumpet mouthpiece

    The world's lightest brass

    When you play, you can play like never before.

    Just take a quick breath and have a big sound

    You can concentrate on expressing music.



    Silver plating 22,000 yen

    Inner gold 30,000 yen

    Gold plating 32,000 yen




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