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Tuba Mouthpiece 403JG/GD series

  • 403GD
    It is a model for B / C pipes that expresses the taste of "Ga-ttoitte Doon" in the model name. Adopting the design of the royal road straight ball V cup mouthpiece, it has excellent versatility. It is finished so that it will sound firmly without being repelled even if you breathe in at once, and it is characterized by not choosing a playing style.

    It is a model for F pipe made with the image of the saying "softly control stiffness". It was developed based on the Perantucci PT-65, which is one of the royal road models, and the speed of reaction and beautiful and colorful tones are the development of the characteristics of the base model PT-65.
    By adopting a short shank, the distance to the musical instrument becomes closer, so it is easier to monitor and the mouthpiece has excellent control performance.




    All Silver      46,200 yen

    Rim and Inner Gold 61,600 yen

    All Gold       66,000 yen