Genuine leather mouthpiece pouch for tuba


Single pouch / double pouch (4 colors each) are available.

Engraving (up to 20 letters of the alphabet / 1500 yen) is also possible.

Please enter the desired stamp and select the stamp "Yes" in the product selection field.

In addition, you can now select the engraved color! (Gold / Silver / Black)
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Tuba Mouthpiece Pouch

  • Made of genuine leather.

    The button part is a magnetic button.

    It is designed so that there are no metal parts on the outside ,

    There is no need to worry about damaging the instrument even when stored in the instrument case.


    Inside, we have a protective wood on the shank side and a cushion on the rim side.

    In the unlikely event of a drop, the impact on the mouthpiece will be minimized.

    Can accommodate mouthpieces of various sizes.

    It is handmade and carefully made.