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67C/32/Deep/8.3/For general all-around playing

67D/32/Very Deep/8.7/For orchestral, concert band


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Tuba Mouthpiece

  • Beginning with the concept of creating a product that satisfies all the requirements for brass players to realize their maximum expression in performance, Momo, after years of collaborative research with performers and the micro-level investigation of the hardness and crystallization of metals, has succeeded in creating the optimum metalliferous state to realize such expression.

    Our mouthpieces can help you to discover a new level of musical performance and ease of playing. Please give them a try.

    The sound gains a core; response and release are excellent

    Smooth airflow; clear tone Easier lip slurs and control Broad dynamic range from ppp to fff; easier musical expression

    ・ 68H
    It was developed based on the second generation of "Silky Helberg II". Considering the change in sound due to sound processing, the weight has been slightly increased from the original.
    It features a round, relatively thick rim.

    ・ 68HL
    68H rim and thin wall. It has a weight and a feeling of blowing that is close to that of the current generation Helberg II.

    ・ 67H
    68H with a rim inner diameter of 32.5mm.

    ・ 67HL
    67H rim and thin wall.

    ・ BLM327
    A reproduction of the early model "Silky Helberg II". The cup is shallower and the rim is rounder than the current generation, but the rim thickness is not as thick as the second generation.

    ・ BLM322F
    Developed based on Yamaha BB-Bobo-Solo. Unlike the Bobo Solo, the back throat has a structure that spreads gently, improving the performance of the rotary tuba.



    AllSilver       46,200 yen

    Rim and Inner Gold 61,600 yen

    All Gold       66,000 yen